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Beginner to Advanced

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” -Zig Zagler


CrossFit is defined as being high intensity, functional movements, performed across broad time and modal domains, where the results are observable,  measurable and repeatable. The functional aspect of CrossFit is what makes it unique. These functional movements are “essential movements” that we use in everyday life, such as the squat, which we use to sit up and down on the couch with, the deadlift, which we use to pick things off of the floor with, and the clean and jerk, which could be used when playing with your children. All of CrossFit’s movements transfer to everyday life and are infinitely scalable. No matter what your age, gender, athletic ability, or fitness level, CrossFit can prepare you for your goals to either be an elite athlete or to improve your overall health by the use of a variety of movements from rowing, running, weightlifting, and gymnastics. The combination of these movements performed at high intensity leads to dramatic gains and drastic improvements in overall health. Typically, the CrossFit classes last an hour long.

Man Deadlifting a Dumbell
CrossFit Inferis Personal Trainer

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are one-on-one sessions that are catered to your fitness goals, whether they are to improve your competency in CrossFit movements, lose fat, gain muscle, or improve your overall health, we can create a program, both physically and nutritionally, that will help you meet those goals as fast as possible.

Open Gym

Open gym can be used for you to dramatically improve your fitness and competency in Crossfit. Come in to improve your technique on weightlifting or gymnastics movements, work on a weakness, skill development, do a fun workout you found with a partner, or come in to work on your mobility and stretch for the workouts the following week. We like to also do something called a community workout on Saturday’s. After open gym, we gather around the gym and take a census on what movements we should do during the workout and we come up with one and do it together as a gym in teams.

Women in CrossFit Class
Woman swinging kettlebell

Boot Camp

Boot camp is utilized by individuals who are intimidated by the barbell aspect and movements that are associated with CrossFit. The programming and workouts that are typically designed in boot camp are body or low weight and these movements are performed at high intensity.  These workouts will consist of kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, and  rowers. Usually, these workouts last roughly 45 minutes. This style of workout is also very beginner friendly. It does not take much of an introduction to be able to do the movements that will be programmed in them and they will not have the technical movements that are found in CrossFit.